The Valicom Advantage

Does the following routine sound too familiar?

Big architectural/compliance/validation consulting firm XYZ’s sales staff introduces you to some impressive top-notch talent, and promises to complete your project in record time, as they have all the right people “immediately available.” XYZ seems reputable: you’ve seen their ads in industry magazines, they’ve mailed you slick brochures, and their sales people are convincing.

Day 1 of the project:  XYZ dispatches their top-notch talent to be a “project manager,” and the people actually doing the work — people you’ve never met before — are inexperienced, either technically or with GxP (or both!)

Days 2…n of the project: You’re paying an exorbitant hourly rate, travel expenses, and per-diem for substandard work that’s being done under the “supervision” of this “project manager” who you never see.  Meanwhile, your agency inspection date is approaching and your strained internal staff who are supposed to get some relief from their duties by XYZ’s consultants are instead devoting their time to overseeing XYZ’s consultants and straightening out their work.

We know how this routine works:  we’ve worked with the XYZs of the industry and are often called in to clean up the mess they leave behind.  We’re also used to fielding calls from XYZ’s management who, in a panic, want Valicom to subcontract under them… as they’ve promised a client that they have the perfect people immediately available to fulfill their project needs.

A key part of the Valicom Advantage is that unlike XYZ, we never roll out top-notch staff when scoping a project, only to substitute inexperienced, junior personnel at project inception.  With Valicom, Who You See Is Who You Get:  you’ll personally meet all the players on your project before any work begins.

And as we don’t buy expensive ads or marketing campaigns, and we don’t have a sales staff on our payroll, we can forgo passing through those costs in our rates for services.

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