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How are we unique? 

It simply comes down to our proven track record, our careful selection of staff, our balanced knowledge base, and our lower cost, yielding you higher value.

Valicom’s success has been built upon the personal relationships and hands-on, specialized service that we proudly give our customers.

We carefully choose our staff based on their proven track record of successes. Unlike many of the larger firms, we never roll out top-notch staff when scoping your project, only to substitute inexperienced, junior personnel at project inception.

Our staff has the balanced combination of regulatory knowledge and technical expertise that ensures the success of your quality, validation, or compliance project. Our staff’s background not only consists of experience as managers, chemists, quality engineers, and IT professionals, we’re also noted speakers in the field, and have defended work in front of regulatory agencies. These are additional reasons for our very high rate of repeat and referral business.

It costs you less to use Valicom than other quality, validation, and compliance service firms. Valicom has low overhead costs. We forego the sales staff and expensive corporate headquarters that are the hallmarks of larger firms, allowing us to pass along substantial savings to our clients. Our base in Carlsbad, CA lends us easy access to your Southern California facility without the need for substantial, supplemental travel costs.

Why even consider the “big boys” in our industry?  You’ll only end up paying twice as much for half the result. Instead, consider the strengths of Valicom. We’ll complete your projects in a timely, efficient, and  cost-effective manner.

Who are we?

Erik Staley is Valicom’s Founder and Principal Consultant.  Mr. Staley is a validation and compliance specialist with over 25 years of experience in the life science industries.  Prior to founding Valicom in 2002, Mr. Staley was the co-founder of another validation services firm, and fulfilled various QA, QC, and Quality Engineering roles with biotech, pharma, and device firms in Southern California.
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Valicom is based in Carlsbad, CA.

Who have we served?

Valicom has aided a variety of companies, from startups initiating a quality system, to well-established multinationals, to non-profits.  Our clients have included:

Abbott Laboratories  |  Aeolus Pharmaceuticals  |  Ambry Genetics |  Anadys Pharmaceuticals  |  Aperio Technologies (Leica)  |  Aptose Biosciences  |  Biogen Idec |  Dart Neuroscience |  De Novo Software |  Dose Medical/Glaukos |  Genentech |  Genopis |  Innovative Cell Technologies |  John Wayne Cancer Institute |  La Jolla Pharmaceutical |  Metacrine  |  ProPharma |  Roche |  SkyePharma |  TrialSpark | Wacker Biotech US